Stephanie Benson’s songs in NumberOneMusic top 1000 chart

Written by on February 7, 2018

Stephanie Benson will extremely be excited about her songs making head waves in NumberOneMusic hot 1000 chart. These are the songs doing the magic on the chart alongside it’s ranking; “good bye” hits #3 spot for R&B in UK and #261 spot for all genres in UK, whereas “good feeling” hits #48 for R&B in UK. In my humble opinion, it does not only establish the fact that, lots of time, hard work, sleepless nights, creativity and passion has been invested into the craft yielding this great success. I think it is a good look for the jazz specialist, because she’s the only Ghanaian singer who made it on there. (N1M) is a music portal dedicated solely to the development and exposure independent Artists/Brand. For more information about N1M, kindly check them out on their official website or http://www.numberonemusic./stephaniebenson so see how her songs are doing on there.

Stephanie is nowhere near stopping music anytime soon. She released her latest banger a week to Valentine day (7/2/2018) just so, married couples and lovers can jam to it before the special day reserved for lovers surface up. Upon it’s release the song is making airwaves already as Ghanaian people and horde of music freaks can harmoniously relate and resonate with the theme of. It is also tipped to be a worldwide wedding anthem christened “its all about love”.

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