Quata Budukusu Beef African Leaders And The United Nation Organization

Written by on December 5, 2017

Over the years one thing many music folks have known about Jacob Nana Kwame Etroo, better known by his stage name Quata Budukusu aside his great talent is his outspoken mind as a proud son of Africa and as a musician, Song Writer, hip-hop Reggae artiste, rapper and record producer. Quata Budukusu is credited in Africa as the Twi Tongue Twisting Inventor in Africa.

In a new passionate song produced by KV bangerz from the RMG studio performed by Quata Budukusu, the key message in this particular song titled Africa Cry, the Nkatie cake and Road Block hitmaker is directly communicating to the moguls who are responsible for maintaining peace and unity on our African soil since his fans and the consumers of his music are concerned.

Lyrical war on the Libyans, Africa cry must be head Rise up against the injustice. Looks like we get no leaders because none of them is making a move. It is just so sad seeing how People are been slaughtered like animals and African leaders are just ignoring the barbaric act, the torture and the enslavement of their own people right here on our African soil. Sometimes it’s just sad to be black and he is urging all Africans to condemn such acts so if you want this to end among us as Africans then let us make this song trend very loud till things are positioned as expected.

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