Former Nkasei member, Naa Kay premieres ‘Aseda Ka’

Written by on April 12, 2017

Naa Kay, former member of award winning Hiplife duo Nkasei, after switching from secular music to the gospel music scene, has debuted ‘Aseda Ka’.

There has been a positive turnaround in Naa Kay’s life and he now aims to inspire his fans with passioned rhythmic gospel music.

When asked about the switch to Gospel music, Naa Kay writes, “I have come to understand that God is purposeful; everything that he created, he made them for a reason, and every situation that He allows in our lives is for His good purpose. By His grace and mercies, I have come to understand I was created for a purpose and I believe God has started answering my prayers by revealing to me what my purpose is on this earth.”

“My gospel music is not the generic gospel music, it’s not the ‘spiritual’ praises and worship music”, Naa Kay added. “It’s more of inspiring and encouraging people to move from places of darkness (i.e. hopeless life) to a fulfilling life in Christ Jesus. Every situation or ‘problem’ that God allows in our lives is for a reason and Heaven is waiting on us to make the right decisions to come out of them victorious; not to be overcome by troubles of this life. I hope my music will inspire people to move forward with their lives. I call it gospel mainly because there is good news in my music.”


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