Ko-Jo Cue tags his street anthem as ‘Wole’

Written by on January 20, 2017

Ko-Jo Cue Starts Off 2017 with the Street Anthem Wole
You know that game you play with your friends in which you start a new line with the last word of a friend’s line?

BBnZ Live’s Ko-Jo Cue just brushed your favorite lyricist aside with a 48-bar version on his new song (Yes, 48 bars).

The song which is titled ‘Wole’ (Ga for pick it up) starts with rock inspired kicks which sets up Ko-Jo Cue perfectly and the rapper begins by making a statement.

Aside the depth of lyricism employed by the rapper, Sam-1’s interplay with drum & guitar sounds gives the track that authoritative vibe.

The bounce of the drums is also reminiscent of Lauryn Hill’s Lost Ones and Keteke’s Tsio Tsio (all the 90’s babies will relate). Ko-Jo Cue is the PLK. We know it and now the rest of the world will too.


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