Rackus Production & Solid Music outdoors new singer, Aysha with “E Bi God”

Written by on January 17, 2017

Rackus Production & Solid Music outdoors new female voice, Aysha (Aysha MirekuTahiru). The silky voice singer kicks off 2017 with her debut single “E Bi God” produced by Lynx Studios.

“E Bi God” is a highlife inspired song with a little touch of contemporary gospel for cross appeal. Kuami Eugene of Lynx Entertainment who produced the song too was featured on it. This song is tipped to be one of the multiple hits Aysha would produce this year. 

In the world of music business, with the Ghanaian music industry not an exception, it is very important to understand and know the difference between talent and skill. Skill just like any other key element in music can be acquired or developed over a period.

In recent times, anyone who wants to be a music artist can do it but for longevity in the industry, it cannot be possible without a level of talent. They simply need to develop their skill which though talks a lot of work and dedication is by no means impossible. Talent on the other hand, is a natural ability which gives you a competitive advantage with all the blood, sweat, and tears of developing skill.

And for the young Ghanaian musician, Aysha, what she possesses is the very attribute a lot of musicians around the world desire to have, an amazing talent! She has for the last few years taken time to learn the rudiments of the music trade whilst developing her skill, all in preparation to make an impact in the world of music.

The gifted musician started her journey into music two years ago when she began performing with live band groups at various events across the country and has performed with the likes of Aka Blay, Adomaa and others. Inspired by Jazz, Afrobeat and contemporary Ghanaian highlife music, Aysha describes her genre of music as a blend of Jazz and Highlife.

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