Unlike a regular boxing day when families only stay home to while the day away, there is an opportunity to make this year’s boxing day memorable and fun-filled. Modern Initiatives and Happy Man Bitters is bringing you spectacular entertainment package to make up for your losses this year.

The dancehall feel and vibe is forever crazy and all over the world the fun never dies off. 90s Bard Gyal Ebony jumps on the “Abra Gyal Riddim” and it’s going to be blazing every speaker. The riddim is produced by Jusa Dementor who is a Zimbabwean London based producer. From her previous dancehall vibes […]

Every musician has a style and focus in their career. In their presentation of their craft which is through their music, speech, performance and lifestyle, some will take the message directly instead of literal and vice versa.  90s Bard Gyal Ebony has been in the limelight and much negativity is being thrown at her as […]

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